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NX Release Roadmap (Status update: 13.07.2018)
NX Release Roadmap (Status update: 13.07.2018)


NX Next Release

Move to new 4 digit release tracking number

NX for the cloud

Usability improvements, including new Live Help

Extended PMI capabilities and improved consumption workflows -3DPDF, TDP

New Convergent Modeling capabilities

Generative Design and Design for Additive Manufacturing improvements

Further ECAD/MCAD integration

NX 12.0.2

Fast assembly loading

New MCD Player optional module introduced

Sketcher improvements

Routing-Stock Endforms

Routing-Constrained Curvature Splines

New SDPD capabilities

New Mold Tooling capabilities

Design for Additive Manufacturing validation improvements

Performance improvements

Sheet metal improvements for flattening and more

NX 12.0.1

ELMA –light, stand-alone tool for visualization, inquiries, and mark-up of logical and physical PCB data

Convergent Modeling improvements

Tc Change Management integration

Routing –Next Generation Routing Mechanical for 4GD

High End Rendering improvements

New NX Measurements

Improved Visual Reporting

NX 12.0

Multiple parts in multiple windows

Usability and performance improvements

Animation Designer -design focused mechanism simulation

New capabilities and workflows for generative design, featuring Convergent Modeling, and lattice structures

Additional integration with Capital -embedded Capital Enterprise Reporter

Improved feature and freeform modeling tools

P&ID Designer

New PMI capabilities

NX 11.0.2

Design tools for Additive Manufacturing -Lattice Structure

Weld improvements

Design for Additive Manufacturing –new validation capabilities

Quality and performance improvements

NX 11.0.1

Feature modeling improvements

Additive Manufacturing checkers

Label and Tip improvements in dialogs

Boolean Robustness, Performance and Diagnostics improvements

Version Up Reliability

Selection Intent in more commands

Sketch usability and functionality

Reference Sets enhancements

Drafting and PMI improvements

NX 11.0

Convergent Modeling™ Technology

Additional Touch interaction

Additional airframe design capabilities

Improved access to Tc from inside NX

Improved Sketcher usability

Improved Synchronous Technology

Improved Drafting and 2D Layout

New PMI capabilities

Improved JT workflows

Sheet Metal improvements


Bild InnoDriveSys Ivan Venkov
zum Projektportfolio InnoDriveSys


Ivan Venkov, Dipl.-Ing. Maschinenbau KIT, sehr gute Kenntnisse in MS-Office, CAD mit SIEMENS NX, CATIA V5, Autodesk Inventor, Solid Edge, Auto CAD, VariCAD

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